fredag 19. april 2013

Owl Examiner

So for the next term on the Harry Potter Knit and Crochet House Cup I decided to apply to be on staff, with a preference to be on the owl staff. I figured if there was any room for me I might get a chance to be an assistant to one of the examiners, or if not then there might be some need for me someplace else in the House Cup. Well a couple of days ago I learned that I did indeed get a position on the owl staff, but not as an assistant like I thought I would, but instead I'm going to be one of the four examiners :-D This means that I defenetly need a new avatar: I'm kinda nervous about this, but at the same time I'm very excited and I really hope that I will be able to do a good job!

torsdag 14. mars 2013

Winter 2013 OWL

This time around I'm only doing one pair of socks for my OWL. BUT they are massive colorwork socks, my first pair of all colorwork socks actually.

I'm using Janel Leidmans Firebird pattern and custom dyed yarn from Springtree Road. My plan is to make them in golden yellow and fiery red to represent the feathers of a Phoenix.

So far I've finished the first sock and gotten started on the second one. And if I do ten rows each day I should be able to finish it before the month ends.

NEWT Fall 2012

Finally getting around to posting the NEWT I did last fall. I did a Muggle Studies and Care of Magickal Creatures NEWT based on hatching owl eggs.

1. Great Horned Owl: A double knit hat showing the great horned owl

2. Great Gray Owl: Hogwarts Express shawl in grey colors.

3. Snowy owl: Owl sweater in white

4. Scops owl: Owlie fingerless mittens

5. Barn owl: Owlie socks
Can't seem to find a picture of them except the ones on my Ravelry project page, which you can check out here

6. Athene owl: Colorwork bag

søndag 5. august 2012

Finished OWL

So I haven't written anything in a long time, but now I want to show off the OWL projects I finished before the month started:

My Dayflower Camisole

The Leviathan Airship shawl:

And my Candy Cane spinning:

mandag 4. juni 2012

Rhubarb Compote and knitting

Today I have made some delicious Rhubarb Compote. Made from one of my mom's recepies.

I dag har jeg lagd deilig Rabarbragrøt etter en av mamma sine oppskrifter.

I've also been knitting away on a short sleeved sweater I started on last Friday. And I don't know if it's because I'm in love with the yarn or what, but it seems to just fly of the needles. This is as far as I have gotten on it in 4 days, while I've worked 8 hour shifts on 3 of those days :-D

Jeg har også strikket ivei på en kortarmet genser som jeg begynte på sist Fredag. Jeg vet ikke helt om det er fordi jeg elsker garnet eller hva, men det virker nesten som om genseren flyr av pinnene. Dette er så lang som jeg er kommet på den i løpet av 4 dager, samtidig som jeg har jobbet 8 timers skift 3 av de dagene :-D

I have also gotten halfway on my OWL shawl, and about 20 rounds left before the halfway point on the top. But I really have to get going on the spinning, because I'm kinda far behind on that.

Jeg har også kommet halvveis på OWL sjalet jeg holder på med, og jeg har ca 20 runder igjen før jeg er halvveis på toppen. Men jeg må virkelig sette igang med å spinne for der ligger jeg "litt" etter.

fredag 11. mai 2012

The Bad, The Good and The Yummy

The Bad/Det Vonde

So last Sunday (6 May 2012) was one of the most horrible days ever! On Saturday I picked up all the ingredients I needed to bake some cakes for my mom's birthday (7 May), I just had to work an early shift at the hotel first. So Sunday started out with me waking about once every hour, because I had this insane angst that I was going to sleep through the alarm, and be late to a very hectic day at work. First thing I did was let the dogs out into the garden, while I went into my cellar to get my work clothes from the dryer. On my way back in I noticed that one of my dogs (Amor) wasn't there, I kept calling for him, but nothing. And since I don't work at a place where you can call in sick or anything like that, I had to leave even though he stil wasn't back. So I called my mom and got my babybrother to drive to my house and see if he had gotten back. And eventually he found him.... he had gotten caught in a fox trap in the forest, about 30 meters from my house!!! With the help of my stepdad we we're able to saw off the trap, and get him loose. And while I rushed back to work my brother stayed with him to make sure he was okay. And as soon as I finished work my stepdad drove us to the vet so he could be checked. Amor had a lot of swelling around his neck, and was very unstable on his feet. The vet gave him some painkillers and we went back home. But first we stopped by the man who owned the trap, and arranged for him to pay the bill from the vet, and get rid of any other traps he might have set up, because they are illegal from 15 April till 15 September.

Sist søndag (6 Mai 2012) var en av de værste dagene i mitt liv! Lørdagen handlet jeg inn det jeg trengte for å lage kaker til mamma sin bursdag (7 Mai), alt jeg trengte var å jobbe tidligvakt på hotellet først. Natt til søndag våknet jeg omtrent en gang i timen, fordi jeg hadde helt angst for at jeg skulle forsove meg. Når jeg våknet søndagen åpnet jeg døren og slapp hundene ut, mens jeg hentet klærne ifra tørketrommelen i kjelleren. På vei opp igjen til huset så jeg at den ene av hundene (Amor) var vekk. Jeg ropte og ropte på han, men ingen hund. Tilslutt var jeg bare nødt til å sykle på jobb. Jeg ringte til mamma og fikk min lillebror til å kjøre inn for å se om han var kommet tilbake. Han fant han tilslutt..... han satt fast i en revesaks, omtrent 30 meter fra huset mitt, i skogen!!! Med hjelp av min stefar fikk vi sagd av fellen slik at vi fikk han løs. Deretter var det fort tilbake på jobb mens min bror passet på hunden. Og så fort jeg var ferdig på jobb kjørte min stefar oss til dyrlegen. Amor var veldig opphovnet rundt halsen, og veldig ustø når han prøvde å stå. Dyrlegen gav han smertestillende, og deretter kjørte vi hjem igjen. Men først stoppet vi hos han som eide fellen og avtalte at han skulle betale dyrlege regningen og fjerne de andre fellene han har satt ut, fordi det er ulovlig å ha slike feller ute fra 15 April til 15 September.

Picture of the Fox trap/Bilde av Revesaksen

The Good/The Gode

Amor is doing much better as the swelling goes down. It will probably take a couple more days before the swelling is completely down. But he is able to walk in a straight line, and he has a good appetite. And he's even running to the door and barking when our cats want to come in.

Det går mye bedre med Amor. Det kommer sikkert til å ta noen dager til før hevelsen er helt vekke, men han klarer å gå i en rett linje, og han har veldig god matlyst. Og han løper til og med til døren og bjeffer når kattene vil inn.

The Yummy/The Smakfulle

Today I finally got around to making one of the cakes that I had planned for my mom's birthday: Spicy honeycake. I didn't have enough Heather Honey so I supplemented with some Acacia Honey that I also had in my cupboard.

Idag lagde jeg endelig en av kakene som jeg hadde planlagt til mamma sin bursdag: Krydret Honningkake. Jeg hadde ikke nok lynghonning så jeg blandet inn litt Acacia honning som jeg hadde i skapet.

fredag 6. april 2012

Transfiguration OWL

Next term in the Harry Potter Knitting/Crochet House Cup on Ravelry is starting on the first of May. And I've already started planning my next OWL projects, this will be my 6th OWL (actually my 7th attempt, I tried to do two OWL projects at the same time last spring, and that did not go to well). And this time around I'm going to attempt an Transfiguration OWL using the Vanishing Option.

Neste semester i Harry Potter Knitting/Crochet House Cup på Ravelry begynner første Mai. Og jeg holder allerede på å planlegge mitt neste OWL prosjekt, dette kommer til å bli min 6 OWL (det er faktisk mitt 7 forsøk, jeg prøvde å gjøre 2 OWL samtidig sist år, og det gikk ikke så bra). Denne gangen så skal jeg prøve meg på en Transfiguration OWL ved å få garn/fiber til å "forsvinne" og bli noe nytt.

For this OWL I'm going to make 2 things knitting about 1600 yards. The Transfiguration OWL requires atleast 1800 yards, so for the rest I'm going spin some yarn.

For denne OWL å skal jeg strikke 2 ting som tilsammen blir ca 1600 yards med garn. Men for Transfiguration OWL trenger jeg minst 1800 yards, derfor skal jeg spinne garn for resten.

  1. Dayflower Camisole
  2. Catkin
  3. Candy floss handspun yarn/håndspunnet garn

1. The Dayflower Camisole will be knitted using Drops Cotton light in the color light lilac. With the exception of the small band with eyelets that the cord is drawn through, that part I want to use off white, and have the cord in the light lilac

1. The Dayflower Camisole tenkte jeg at jeg skulle strikke med Drops Cotton light i fargen lys syrin. Med unntak av det lille båndet med hull til bånd, den tenkte jeg at skulle bli natur med lys syrin bånd.

2. The Catkin shawl will be knitted with Eidos from the Verdant Gryphon. I will use the White goddess color as the main color, and Ragnarok for the contrast color. I'm also using this shawl for the Fantasia group on Ravelry, as part of the Leviathan workshop. Reading the Leviathan, and knitting this steampunk inspired shawl is going to be so much fun!

2. The Catkin sjalet vil jeg strikke med Eidos fra the Verdant Gryphon. Jeg skal bruke The White Goddess som hovedfarge, og Ragnarok som kontrastfarge. Jeg skal også bruke dette sjalet til Fantasia gruppen på Ravelry, som en del av Leviathan workshop. Å lese the Leviathan, mens jeg strikker dette steampunk inspirerte sjalet kommer til å bli veldig gøy!

3. My Candy Floss handspun yarn will be spun on a top whorl spindle using 'Candy Floss' fiber that I bought from HilltopCloud. And I'm going to try a completly new to me technique with this one; Navaho plying. I have 100 grams of this fiber, which consists of 40% BFL, 40% Merino and 20% Tussah silk.

3. Candy Floss håndspunnet garnet vil bli spunnet med en håndteine og  'Candy Floss' fiberet jeg kjøpte fra HilltopCloud. Jeg har i tillegg tenkt å prøve en ny teknikk med dette garnet; Navaho plying. Jeg har 100 gram av dette fiberet som består av 40% BFL (Blue Faced Leicester), 40% Merino og 20% Tussah silke.

A picture of the Candy floss fiber (Picture is borrowed from the HilltopCloud etsy shop)/Bildet av Candy floss ullet (Bilde er lånt fra HilltopCloud sin etsy butikk)