fredag 19. april 2013

Owl Examiner

So for the next term on the Harry Potter Knit and Crochet House Cup I decided to apply to be on staff, with a preference to be on the owl staff. I figured if there was any room for me I might get a chance to be an assistant to one of the examiners, or if not then there might be some need for me someplace else in the House Cup. Well a couple of days ago I learned that I did indeed get a position on the owl staff, but not as an assistant like I thought I would, but instead I'm going to be one of the four examiners :-D This means that I defenetly need a new avatar: I'm kinda nervous about this, but at the same time I'm very excited and I really hope that I will be able to do a good job!

torsdag 14. mars 2013

Winter 2013 OWL

This time around I'm only doing one pair of socks for my OWL. BUT they are massive colorwork socks, my first pair of all colorwork socks actually.

I'm using Janel Leidmans Firebird pattern and custom dyed yarn from Springtree Road. My plan is to make them in golden yellow and fiery red to represent the feathers of a Phoenix.

So far I've finished the first sock and gotten started on the second one. And if I do ten rows each day I should be able to finish it before the month ends.

NEWT Fall 2012

Finally getting around to posting the NEWT I did last fall. I did a Muggle Studies and Care of Magickal Creatures NEWT based on hatching owl eggs.

1. Great Horned Owl: A double knit hat showing the great horned owl

2. Great Gray Owl: Hogwarts Express shawl in grey colors.

3. Snowy owl: Owl sweater in white

4. Scops owl: Owlie fingerless mittens

5. Barn owl: Owlie socks
Can't seem to find a picture of them except the ones on my Ravelry project page, which you can check out here

6. Athene owl: Colorwork bag